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Harris Teeter

Sep 21, 2010 Comments Off by admin

Congratulations to our talent who have booked the Harris Teeter commercial shooting in Charlotte! Good job Jorge Munoz, Grayson Cox, Crit Harrison, Dara Creswell and Elisa Bailey!!!

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BeHome 24/7 Security Booking!

Sep 14, 2010 Comments Off by admin

Congratulations to the following talent for booking this spot for BeHome 24/7 Security! Thanks for all of your hard work and we hope that you have a great time on set! Ladd York, Summer McCorkle, Cathy Feil, Jeff Greenberg, Kamber Hejlik, Brooke Sorenson, Onnika Dos Santos, Lynn White, Angelo Datseris, Jason Blackman, Marki Henderson, Tyler [...]

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