Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker has shot straight to the top. Her journey began with a meeting with owner Scott Cooper when she was 15. “She and her mother thought that I was crazy when I said to her, you are going to be a star, I have never said that to anyone, but I am saying it to you.” Cooper said. “There was no question, she was destined to be a star and I feel so grateful that I have been able to be with her on her journey.” After developing Brooklyn Evolution introduced her to fashion agencies in New York. After meeting with everyone we decided to go with Marilyn Agency in New York and Paris. Brooklyn started booking high profile jobs even in her first summer in New York. She booked Seventeen, Elle Girl, Teen Vogue, and many more. As she matured she continued to climb the fashion ladder with jobs for Glamour and Cosmopolitan. When Brooklyn was 18 she moved to New York under the direction of Evolution and Marilyn Agencies. Within the first month of living in New York, Brooklyn booked Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition. For the past five years she has not only worked with Sports Illustrated but has also traveled and worked for clients all over the world. In 2010 Brooklyn booked the most coveted job in fashion, the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue. This launched her into official Super Model status. Brooklyn is not only taking the fashion world by storm but now she is taking on the TV Film world as well. She has had feature roles on “Chuck,” “Royal Pains,” and “Ugly Betty.”  In February of 2011 Brooklyn is staring in the feature film, “Just Go With It,” opposite Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. Scott Cooper was able to visit Brooklyn on the set in Hawaii and said,  ”seeing Brooklyn on set acting opposite Hollywood Royalty made me feel like a proud dad. Brooklyn never forgets who she is and is as concerned with my welfare as her own. She will never cease to amaze me.”