Coy Stewart

Coy Stewart was introduced to Evolution by one of our directors and scouts Ericka Deabreu of Deabreu Model Consulting.  Coy signed with Evolution agency in 2009. He performed at our National Talent Show at Disney and won overall child actor for 2009. Owner Scott Cooper said of Coy, “He is like a 30 year old actor in a nine year old body, he is nothing less than amazing.” Children can only be as successful as the parents will allow. Fortunately Coy has amazing parents that were both supportive and encouraging. They said that they would take Coy wherever he needed to go and do what ever it took to help him achieve his dream. Evolution networked him into major markets and signed him with Frontier Booking in New York and and Greene and Associates of Los Angeles. Coy is now starring in a new TBS sitcom that debuted in June of 2010. He is playing the role of Kevin in “Are we there Yet” which is produced by Ice Cube. Coy continues to make the Evolution Talent Agency proud by also booking leads in “The Electric Company” and “A Raisin in the Sun.” Even as a young preteen Coy has officially become one of our Evolution Celebrities. Keep looking for great things from this talented and charismatic star.