Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup auditioned for Evolution at the young age of 17. Jessica was not only breathtakingly beautiful but also loaded with potential for acting.  Evolution owner Scott Cooper worked with Jessica and saw just how amazing she really is. He knew without a doubt that this girl was headed for stardom.  And that is just what she has done. Cooper said, “Jessica just had that extra something every time she did anything. She had a fire in her eyes that burned with determination. If some people have the It factor, Jessica has the tripple it factor.” Jessica is now officially a working Hollywood starlet. With the help of Evolution, Jessica signed with Osbrink talent agency in Los Angeles. After high school graduation, she moved to Hollywood and started working almost immediately. She was so young but fearless in her journey. Jessica has worked on projects such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “This Christmas,” “Prom Night,” “True Blood,”  and “The Hills Have Eyes 2.” Jessica is currently starring in the CW series “Beverly Hills 90210.”Jessica plays Erin Silver, the younger sister of original cast member Ginnie Garth. Jessicais currently with the “Gersh Agency” and continues to amaze us and we are proud that she began her evolution with the Evolution Agency in Charlotte.