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Evolution Talent Agency review summary

3on Google,Nov 17, 2017



5on BirdEye,Nov 16, 2017


Evolution is a great agency for models and actors. The placement directors care about their clients. We have gotten lots of opportunities working with them.

5on BirdEye,Nov 16, 2017


Evolution has given, and continues to give, Wyatt both incredible training and fantastic opportunities. We are so grateful to the entire Evolution team!

5on Google,Nov 04, 2017


My daughter has been signed with Evolution for 5 years and we have no complaints. The staff is very supportive and never more than a phone call away. In a industry full of scammers Evolution is the real deal. They take care of their people.

5on Google,Nov 03, 2017


My daughter hasn’t been with Evolution for too long but what we’ve seen so far has made us very happy. They are very organized and detailed in their jobs & always there to lend advice or help with my questions. We are looking forward to the future with Evolution!

5on Google,Nov 02, 2017


Fantastic experience! With Evolution, I get out often and know my agent really BELIEVES in me. That's everything. I'd definitely recommend to other actors looking to go to the next level in this market.

5on Google,Nov 02, 2017


Evolution has been very professional and diligently works to submit Bailey for opportunitites. She has been with Evolution for 1 year and usually auditions weekly for various roles. We are very pleased.

5on Google,Nov 02, 2017


We love our Evolution Talent family. Awesome agency in all regards.

5on Google,Nov 02, 2017


Love our team at Evolution!

5on Google,Nov 02, 2017


My son has been represented by Evolution since he was six years old (he’s now 14) and our experience has been wonderful. This agency has such integrity and is always looking out for my sons best interest. They are quick to respond to emails and phone messages and support parents of young clients. If your child is interested in the entertainment industry I’d highly recommend Evolution.

5on Google,Oct 24, 2017


Beth is the BEST! This agency is patient and always sending auditions. They want you to win as much as you want to win!

5on Google,Oct 18, 2017


Hard working and always helpful with questions. Provide timely responses.

5on Google,Oct 18, 2017


Evolution has done an excellent job working with my daughter in the past year. They have been easily assessable and open to all questions. I also appreciate the fact that they are realistic about what the industry is like instead of promising the moon to their talent. I would highly recommend Evolution.

5on Google,Oct 18, 2017


Always opening doors for our son with auditions. Have booked him for photo shoot and got him in final room for a meeting with lead actor, director and casting director for major movie. Great experience all the way around.

5on Google,Oct 18, 2017


Once I got my headshots and resume put together, Evolution has been sending me MANY auditions in Charlotte as well as in Atlanta. Most of the auditions are self tape, which is great and convenient

5on Google,Oct 18, 2017


Evolution is a great agency! It shows they really care about their talent and work hard for them. Beth is excellent with answering questions right away and suggesting things that would help my daughter excel. We also work with Amber and she is amazing as well! I love having an agency that really takes an interest in each individual. Both Beth and Amber have been amazing and both my daughter and I would recommend them 100%!

5on Google,Oct 18, 2017


My son Caleb Deal just signed with Evolution in August, and he has already had some great auditions and a booking! They have been very supportive. We're happy to have Beth as his agent!

5on Google,Oct 18, 2017


Such an amazing experience! Every agent responds in a timely manner and always answers every question you have. I have received a lot of work in a short period of time. I am extremely excited for my future with this agency! I highly recommend.