2010 Vera Wang Princess Model Search

Congratulations to our winners on the 2010 Vera Wang Princess Model Search. They are Jennifer O’Neill and Emily DesJarlais. They will be receiving a one year contract with Evolution as well as gifts and prizes from Coty Prestige. They will also be receiving photo shoots and marketing materials. Thank you to all that participated. We…

Brooke Josa in Seventeen Magazine!

“Shooting for Seventeen was amazing! Right away everyone was so kind and all 3 times i’ve worked for them, everyone was in a great mood. And that kind of atmosphere is what makes me love my job! Modeling in general has been very exciting for me. I am getting all different kinds of work which is giving me a lot of incredible experience. I love the fact that every job is different and you never know what is coming next. 🙂 I am very excited to see where my career is taking me! I can tell you, that i have been working so hard and trying my very best (which is the only way to achieve your goals) and i believe everything happens for a reason. So i have high hopes for the future!”