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Evolution Talent Agency review summary

5on Google,Jan 24, 2020


Evolution has been amazing! They really care about your development and making sure that you are being submitted to the right jobs. I've only been with them for 2 months and have already booked 2 jobs with no prior acting experience.

5on Google,Jan 24, 2020


They are a professional agency who receives the SAG projects breakdowns. They made me audition and send them a self tape audition to see my level of talent and to make sure I would be able to audition since 99% ask for a taped audition. Also I'm happy that the majority of my auditions have been Union.

4on Google,Jan 23, 2020


Awesome Agency with great resources!!

5on Google,Dec 12, 2019


The agency itself and the owner are awesome. I wasn't chosen today Dec 12, 2019 to become a new model. But I'll be back trained and all ready to win. Thanks for considering my application.

5on Google,Nov 15, 2019


Evolution Talent Agency is great! They have been sending my daughter openings that match her profile as soon as they get word of it. She has already been an extra on a television show and played part of a music video as a featured role. Beth is very responsive and we have enjoyed working with her.

5on Google,Nov 12, 2019


Evolution is very attentive and thorough. I signed with the agency about two weeks ago and, as of this review, have booked a major commercial project and been sent out for other major auditions. Thrilled to know I can get representation throughout the Southeast with Evo!

5on Google,Nov 01, 2019

tasia e.

I absolutely love my Agency!!! Everyone works so hard for the talent!! They are truly there for their talent!

5on Google,Jul 01, 2019


Evolution is a great agency! If you are looking to get into the business definitely reach out to them!

5on Google,Jul 01, 2019


I was with my last agent for about 4 years and wasn't really being sent auditions. I've been with Evolution fir about 2 months now and have got a lot of auditions and recently booked an out of state commercial it was great, I'm excited for the future with Evolution. If your an actor, model or all around talent I highly suggest Evolution!

5on Google,Jul 01, 2019


It was a great set and enjoyable experience!

4on Google,Feb 12, 2019


It was a good experience with good people and gave me the opportunity to do what I love.

5on Google,Feb 10, 2019


Ms Beth and her team at Evolution Talent Agency are professional, and the best, beyond measure!! The hardest working agency in the industry!! I am grateful to be part of the Evolution family!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

5on Google,Feb 07, 2019


Ever since i signed with them i have had nothing but bookings due to their hard work! i greatly appreciate the whole evolution family for everything they have done to help me start my career. it has sky rocketed thanks to you guys!

5on Google,Feb 06, 2019


Evolution Talent Agency goes above and beyond for their talent! The dedication, professionalism, diligence, and flexibility demonstrated by Beth and Amber make them superior agents in this Industry. I am proud to be represented by Evolution!

5on Google,Feb 06, 2019


They really care about their talent!

5on Google,Feb 06, 2019

Carrie K.

Recently booked for a commercial, and actively auditioning for roles. Evolution has my best interest and I trust them for what’s to come. The agents are very Communacative, informative, and outgoing! Definitely an agency to sign on to.

5on Google,Jan 04, 2019


By far the best agency!!

5on Google,Dec 05, 2018


Evolution has helped me so much in beginning my career. I am really happy and my agent, Beth, is so caring and genuinely cares about my successes. They want me to grow as an actress and as a young women.

5on Google,Dec 04, 2018


Evolution has provided ample opportunities to audition and my daughter has been fortunate to gain some modeling work. Hopefully the beginning of more opportunities. The team at Evolution has a great system and once you have it down, it is easy to participate in auditions.

5on Google,Dec 03, 2018


We love working with Evolution. Best agency hands down.

5on Google,Dec 03, 2018


By far the best agency!!! I’ve been acting for 10 years now, and I’ve only been with evolution for a year, not once have any of my reps done for me what evolution has done. Evolution has gotten me great auditions and of course, the best part, the bookings as well! I love it, you can’t go wrong here.

5on Google,Dec 03, 2018


We are very pleased with Evolution agency. My 7yo son signed with Evolution back in August 2018 and have had bookings and multiple auditions since. I love how responsive everyone has been in answering and addressing all my questions and concerns! Everyone is so professional and very nice at Evolution! Thank you to Scott, Amber and Beth for giving my son such a wonderful opportunity in the entertainment world.

5on Google,Dec 03, 2018


I have been with Evolution for almost 10 years. They work hard for their talent and I always have a lot of opportunities for photo jobs and acting auditions. Can’t say enough good things about the fine folks at Evolution!

5on Google,Dec 03, 2018


Evolution is amazing and the entire staff is TOP NOTCH!

5on Google,Sep 14, 2018


So happy with the team at Evolution helping me book great work in the Charlotte commercial market! I look forward to many more opportunities with them in the future!

5on Google,Sep 11, 2018


Evolution is hands down, one of the BEST in the Southeast! I’ve booked amazing work with them. Their communication with talent is always on point and on time. They’re simply amazing!

5on Google,Sep 11, 2018


I enjoy Evolution Talent Agency. They provide the necessary tools to help you succeed in this industry. Trust me, it's very competitive. From the time I joined the Evolution Talent Agency, I have learned soo much. Many auditions, callbacks, and bookings since I joined. If you are looking for more exposure, join the Evolution Family.

4on Google,Aug 08, 2018


I found staff to be very helpful and informative, everyone is very professional they are willing to go that extra mile to make sure that you understand every aspect of the business and provide you with the proper guidance and direction that you need to excel.

5on Google,Aug 08, 2018


Helpful and encouraging in our little aspiring actor's career. Thank you, Evolution Talent Agency, for the support and hard work you put forth each day.

5on Google,Aug 08, 2018


Such a fantasticly talented, loving and down to earth group of people!!!! My boys are so proud to be signed by Evolution and are super excited for what the future holds!

0on Direct Feedback,Jul 14, 2018


Response in emails lately have taken a lot longer than they used to, if ai get a response at all. I wasnt told until after I booked a the commercial, that it was going to be shot in less than 24 hrs in a different city, and Amber wasn’t able to negotiate milage or a travel stipend. I still havent been paid for that commercial... Afterwards, she wasnt able to get the footage from the client. I had to email them myself. I honestly don’t feel like my agency has my back. The biggest issue I have is that this agency is not offering me print work, and does not allow me to sign with an agency that does. It’s ridiculous

5on Google,Jul 12, 2018


My daughter loves Evolution Talent Agency. They have been of great help since day 1 with my daughter and her starting career. She already booked a job as the lead child actress in a commercial and they were helpful the entire time. Thank you!

5on Google,Jun 16, 2018


We love our Evolution family!! My 8 year old son has been signed with them for almost 3 years and we had a great experience! They are always attentive to our needs and eager to help. Thanks Evoluion!!!

5on Google,May 31, 2018


I've been working with them for about a year now. Always helpful and always very responsive, specially during crunch time. They provide me with resumes and the tools and information I need before going on set or before submitting any audition. I'm happy with their representation and with the quality of projects presented to me. Will definitely continue to cultivate our relationship and those of the other great artists represented by Evolution. Great people.

5on Google,May 25, 2018


It has been such an amazing experience to pursue my dream of acting and Evolution and their hard working talent agents have offered me with many opportunities!

5on Google,May 25, 2018


Top notch. Enough said.

5on Google,May 23, 2018


I have nothing, but good things to say about this agency! As a new actor, they have helped me every step of the way. Including, where to start as well as providing information to workshops I can attend to grow my skills more. They are legit! They don’t get paid until the talent is paid. Unlike many scam agencies out there. I am so happy I found Evolution and chose them as my Mother Agency

5on Google,May 22, 2018


Evolution has been a great agency to work with. They are always on top of submissions of their talent for work in their region. They are also very up front with you about expectations of you as the talent, as well as what you can expect to find in the industry and that it will take hard work. One downside about working in the industry is that sometimes you don't know shoot details until <12 hours before your call time, however, this is not due to Evolution but because of the Casting Directors/Client, Evolution does their best in getting you word of your booking as soon as they receive it, and are always available via email/phone when you have questions.

5on Google,May 21, 2018


I have such a high praise for Scott & the agency and what they've been able to provide me with so far! I look forward to the EVOLUTION of myself within the agency, and it's been a great ride so far.

5on Google,May 21, 2018


I’ve been very happy with the responsiveness and professionalism of the staff at Evolution. They have procured a wide variety of audition opportunities for me in the areas of commercial, industrial, television and feature film. I recently booked a web project and expect there will be more to come!

5on Google,May 21, 2018


Evolution Talent has been great for me! Being new to the industry, my agent Beth Saunders has been excellent! She works hard to bring me opportunities and being available to help me with any questions I may have on top of her already busy schedule. Evolution has given me a great place to start my career and develop myself.

5on Google,May 21, 2018


Evolution is an incredible agency. I am very satisfied with the amount of auditions and work that I have received after signing with them.

5on Google,May 21, 2018


Great representation for talent!

5on Google,Apr 27, 2018


Scott and his staff are personable, professional, and great with both auditioners and their parents!

5on Google,Nov 26, 2017


Fantastic experience! With Evolution, I get out often and know my agent really BELIEVES in me. That's everything. I'd definitely recommend to other actors looking to go to the next level in this market.

3on Google,Nov 26, 2017



5on Google,Nov 26, 2017


Evolution has been very professional and diligently works to submit Bailey for opportunitites. She has been with Evolution for 1 year and usually auditions weekly for various roles. We are very pleased.

5on Google,Nov 26, 2017


We love our Evolution Talent family. Awesome agency in all regards.

5on Google,Nov 26, 2017


Love our team at Evolution!

5on Google,Nov 26, 2017


My daughter hasn’t been with Evolution for too long but what we’ve seen so far has made us very happy. They are very organized and detailed in their jobs & always there to lend advice or help with my questions. We are looking forward to the future with Evolution!