Celebrities – Evolution Success Stories

Brooklyn Decker has shot straight to the top. Her journey began with a meeting with owner Scott Cooper when she was 15. “She and her mother thought that I was crazy when I said to her, you are going to be a star, I have never said that to anyone, but I am saying it to you.” Cooper said. Jessica Stroup auditioned for Evolution at the young age of 17. Jessica was not only breathtakingly beautiful but also loaded with potential for acting. Evolution owner Scott Cooper worked with Jessica and saw just how amazing she really is. He knew without a doubt that this girl was headed for stardom. Coy Stewart was introduced to Evolution by one of our directors and scouts Ericka Deabreu of Deabreu Model Consulting. Coy signed with Evolution agency in 2009. He performed at our National Talent Show at Disney and won overall child actor for 2009. Owner Scott Cooper said of Coy, “He is like a 30 year old actor in a nine year old body, he is nothing less than amazing.”